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Regular pursuit of a hobby is an integral part of the school's curriculum. Ample time is provided to each child to discover his/her sphere of interest. Effort is made in moulding and sharpening interest to enable a child to further excel in it. To develop aesthetics, sharpen sensibilities, channelise their energy and ignite interest in various co-curricular activities.

Facilities are provided for:

  • Art and Craft
  • Clay- Modelling
  • Dance
  • Instrumental Music
  • Vocal Music
  • Dramatics
  • Gardening
  • Cooking


Community Outreach Programme

Education bereft of community service is incomplete. Under the programme, the students of the school regularly interact with residents of local orphanages , old age homes and hospitals to cheer up and provide succor to the less fortunate brethren. Through "Each One Teach One" programme, students take initiative to teach the less fortunate children and the school's own support staff. Free ship is provided to the under privileged students.  


Excursions and Field Trips

It is an established fact that learning transcends into an effective experience when facts are etched in our mental frame through real life situations. We believe that such exposure to real life environment through excursions and field trips adds to holistic and comprehensive learning. In pursuance of the methodology of learning by doing, the children are exposed to camping and coping with life skills, thus making them self-sufficient and adventurous. School trips are carefully chosen keeping in mind the age of the children and theme or topic for the month.

To make outdoor trips not mere fun trips, these excursions and trips are incorporated in the curriculum.

Monthly Educational Outings are a part of the curriculum for all classes - from Nursery to Class XII. The venue for the trip is selected as per the topic understudy in class. These trips happen during school hours and are supervised by the teachers and the support staff. The cost of these trips are borne by the school.

Annual Trips are organized for classes III onwards during the month of September. Each class goes to a different place of study, accompanied by their class teacher. This accounts for more bonding between the students of a class, and between the students and their teacher.

Annual Trek is organized for classes VI onwards during the month of June, under the supervision of school teachers and an expert  trekking professional. Students camp on the hills during the night and trek during the day time. During the trek, the students are without any luxurious facility provided at home.  They learn how to survive during all odds. The trek is usually for 8-10 days and help in making our students independent and tough to face any kind of adversity in their life. 

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