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The NLET School strives hard and smart to develop young people to become active, compassionate and life long learners who can help to create a better and more peaceful world. We ultimately develop, nurture and celebrate lifelong learners.

We are focused on providing the best of services to all those who look up to us in this field of Education. We look beyond academics since we care for our children and young people who we help to be inspired, moved, touched and transformed to become good and authentic human beings. We love them to make a difference to all those who come in contact with them in their lifetime.

We create a happy environment and see happy faces moving around in the entire campus. Our culture and best practices revolve around happiness, care and loving kindness. We are creating ripple effects of this positive and confident attitude. We see our children walk tall with their chest out and chin held high. However, their spirit of gratitude and humanity make them great leaders and entrepreneurs at the global level. We make all their barriers of race, color, caste and creed disappear in to thin air by virtue of introducing student and teachers exchange, opportunities to participate in global competition/conferences and learning a multicultural mix in the school. We do whatever is humanly possible to take our children to the next level which is often the global level.

The children who come to us for education and beyond are given the opportunity to excel in their abilities, capacities, their choice of games, fine arts, media, photography and extra curricular activities. We are creating innovative spaces in the outdoor areas to let children be more exposed to nature and the beauty of bird and animal life. We create opportunities to do farming, floriculture, horticulture, Pottery, Bee keeping and the like.


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